2nd of 5 Tips for Recruiters seeking a new role (or to grow your desk, team or business)

Tip 2 – Dress your shop window effectively!

In yesterday’s post, I defined the starting point of your journey to a new role (or for growing your desk or business), is your Proposition Statement.

Now to represent yourself to your market.

As a Recruiter, LinkedIn is your main ‘shop window’ and thus your profile must show an accurate and complimentary picture (as per your Proposition Statement) of how you add value, to whom and why and where you stand out to them as a credible solution.

Have you fully highlighted your skills, solutions and successes within your core and ‘aligned’ sectors?

To reconfirm these, reach out for LI recommendations from Clients and Candidates, even if you need to gain approval from your previous firm. You may not have placed that candidate or with that client, but they’ve recognised the quality of your delivery.

Seek input from your ex-colleagues and your network, as well as their recommendations.

Remember, before you ramp up your marketing campaign, to drive traffic to your LI profile (which we’ll cover tomorrow), you want to ensure that it shows the best picture of you.

Does your LI profile do you justice?



Photo courtesy of Inlytics on Unsplash

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