In a recent Podcast I was asked as the final ‘takeaway’ question, ‘what are the 3 top tips you can recommend’? It’s such a good question, I thought I’d elaborate in a post.
Whilst I work also with Retained recruitment businesses, I’ve decided to focus this post on the larger Contingent market.

1. Focus on the top calibre candidates
– know what good looks like and allocate your time and skills in engaging with the best candidates and agree which clients you’ll work proactively on their behalf with on an exclusive basis.
As with our clients, where we focus on our Candidates’ Top 3 Needs (that’s a ‘Want’ with the ‘Why’ attached – those who’ve worked with me, know what I mean), then we’ll provide the best options.

2. Empathy in your proactivity
– be aware of the long-term relationships you’re seeking to build whilst targeting innovative solutions now. As experts in our fields, we can provide some valuable advice to both Clients and Candidates (who may be the same).

3. Prioritise the potential
– Your time is precious so review daily where your greatest potential for success lies and assign structured time on achieving targeted results.

What 3 Top Tips would you recommend?

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