I’m often asked what top tips I can recommend for Recruiters and recruitment business owners and working with my Contingent clients for a strong start to 2021, there are 3 that I’d prioritise.

1. Honesty and Empathy in your proactivity
Be aware of the long-term relationships you want to maintain and build whilst seeking to deliver innovative solutions now. As experts in our fields, we can provide valuable market advice to both Clients and Candidates.

2. Prioritise the potential
Your time is precious so review daily where your greatest potential for success lies and assign structured time on achieving targeted results.

3. Active listening to consult based on Needs.
For both Candidates and Clients, focus on the key ‘Needs’ (that’s a ‘Want’ with you understanding the ‘Why’).

Allocate your time and skills in engaging with the best candidates and agree which clients you’ll engage with on their behalf on an exclusive basis. You can then provide your Clients with the best talent available relevant to their Needs.

What 3 Top Tips would you recommend to start 2021?

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