4th of 5 Tips for Recruiters seeking a new role (or to grow your desk, team or business)

Tip 4 – First Contact

From your marketing plan you’ve agreed to speak to a targeted Recruitment decision maker.

Now reminding you of tips for this first contact, by phone or video meeting.

· Prep – you know this! – know the business to target how you’ll add value and about who you’re speaking with, to engage with them.
· STAR technique – yep, you know this also – prepare to concisely explain where and how you’ve delivered previously.
· Elevator Pitch / Intro – start the call / meet by confirming “who you are, what potential solution you’re bringing and thus why they should listen”. Normally this is for a candidate; on whose behalf you’re working Exclusively on with a short list of clients. Now it’s you, but the same benefits apply.
· Qualify – Step 1 of sales is to know your target’s needs. Step 2 is matching you in solving these and Step 3 is the Close of agreeing to take the process further.
· Flexibility – be innovative in delivering solutions, but match results with reward.

Remember, your objective is 2 fold: progress to the next stage, but only if you believe, it could be a ‘match’ for you.


Photo courtesy of Visuals on Unsplash

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