1st of 5 Tips for Recruiters seeking a new role (or to grow your desk, team or business)

In this turbulent market, many Recruitment business owners have been forced to lose people they would normally have retained and thus there are good recruiters available and seeking new opportunities.

It therefore can seem like scaling a mountain to find your next role. I hope my advice, one Tip each day this week will help reconfirm your focus on the journey.

The 1st and most important place to start is:

1. Refine your Proposition Statement

You know from your Recruiter desk, in competing for client business and the most placeable candidates, that you can’t be all things to all people. You need to be targeted to stand out!

Therefore ensure that at the centre of your search, you have a clear picture of you as a recruiter, in who your core sector (or potential aligned sectors’) clients are, why and how you do what you do, that adds value for you to therefore stand out.

You should define this is one or two short sentences to serve as your ‘Elevator Pitch’ and provide you with the clear picture of what you’re taking and to what markets.

Tomorrow we’ll continue scaling this mountain by presenting this clear picture within your route map.

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