As recruiters we are the first to experience any changes in the market and whether these are mere fluctuations or the beginning of a longer-term trend, it’s us who need to be the 1st to react.

Changes in economic and global conditions can have subtle yet significant impact on the behaviour of our clients and our candidates and thus affect us in how we deliver to their needs.

As the recent global and economic fluctuations have been far from subtle, so too we should expect the reactions from our clients and candidates to reflect these changes.

In working across my client portfolio for the last few months, our focus has been on responding to these recent changes in our clients’ and candidates’ Risk Aversion, particularly within existing assignments, with measurable success.

We’ve been honest and direct in asking the key questions to agree and highlight the benefits, as well as the potential risks, to understand where each individual and business currently are. We can then act in their best behalf.

Prioritise the objectives and advise on the best matched course of action.

For our clients, there remains the demand for sourcing and retaining key talent and therefore as their trusted talent partners, we advise on how best to present their case as they are now, but also their experience and structures that highlight their resilience in a potentially more difficult market.

The importance to our candidates is for them to benefit from our transparent and justified recommendations matched to their current primary drivers and objectives, within this changing market.

Our recommendations will increase their potential to be in the short-list competing for potentially fewer roles and therefore not miss out on life-changing opportunities.

It’s not merely that ‘fortune favours the bold’, but that you recognise your level of risk aversion and obtain transparent and justified advice from a specialist in making your decision.

Where do you go for sound advice?

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