LinkedIn Talent Strategy
As Albert Einstein said, “The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd.

So why follow the market to chase a limited resource, instead of investing to stand out?

As LinkedIn highlight from their research, “Before COVID, only one-third of recruiters were coming from other recruiting roles. But since COVID, that share has jumped to 59%.”

Why not invest in developing your current talent, aligned with an Academy, to support them in mentoring trainees (initially 2 each at first), based upon them achieving agreed quarterly objectives.

Recruitment Academy programs aren’t new, but there are misconceptions on the time before this new talent takes to contribute to revenue, whilst growing your teams.

How does month 1 sound? Where this month focusses on product knowledge, core candidate skills and Resourcing. Product knowledge is already in place if you source this talent from your candidates.

Recruiting experienced talent can be a part of your strategy for new markets and to build teams around, but shouldn’t block your targeted growth.

How prepared are you for growth?

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