There’s nothing quite like a 14th century proverb to highlight a point.

Of course, I could also have led out with “If it’s not on the CRM, it never happened”; because they really mean the same thing. It just doesn’t sound as interesting or philosophical.

That is, for us to be mindful of recording our interactions, no matter how unimportant we think they are, because if we don’t record them, there’s nothing to build on and it may well have financial consequences in the future.

The essential 1st steps of building any sales / revenue pipeline within recruitment, is of course in actioning the KPI’s with our candidates and clients that lead to the building blocks that are Milestones.

KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are activities whilst Milestones are the results that come from them (meetings agreed, shortlists presented, interviews arranged, etc.).

KPI’s measure how many activities are delivered to engage with clients and candidates by phone, email, social media and meetings (even virtually).

These are the key building blocks and critically how we build mutually beneficial business relationships, and should be how recruiters individually self-manage, plan and target their day and week.

Recruiter’s styles of delivery and skill levels differ greatly, as widely as do their personalities and experience, so their conversion rates of KPI’s into Milestones varies widely. Thus, managing them should be varied and targeted to each accordingly, rather than a blanket minimum.

Communication and co-ordination within any team is an important part of achieving the key milestones leading to success and delivering the best quality of service to our clients and candidates, and as recruiters, that means recognising and recording our KPI’s on our CRM system.

Reviewing your business workflows quarterly, with input from across the whole team, will provide a dynamic and agile process that’s in tune with the market whilst maintaining your core strengths and deliverables.

Whilst Milestones may be the more important measurable, none of these were ever ‘built’ without the essential ‘Nail’, that is the KPI.

As a recruiter, how knowledgeable are you of how many ‘nails’ it takes you to build each Milestone?

Also, have you had some hard lessons learned ‘for the want of a nail’?

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