There’s nothing quite like a 14th century proverb to highlight a point.

Of course, I could also have led out with “If it’s not on the CRM, it never happened”; because they really mean the same thing. It just doesn’t sound as poignant and philosophical.

The point is, for us to be mindful of recording our interactions, no matter how unimportant we think they are, because if we don’t make a note where and how as agreed, it may well have consequences.

Communication and co-ordination within any team is an important part of achieving the key milestones leading to success.

Particularly with team members away on holiday, this can rely on solid structures in place from agreed basic standards in using and recording essential details within the CRM to clear and simple handover emails.

In addition, there are the legal and commercial ramifications if important details are omitted from the process, that not only impact upon the quality of delivery, but have more direct costs through lack of compliance, accurate or justifiable invoicing and thus on to financing.

In short, the consequences can be significant and ultimately impair the potential of building a viable and impressive business.

The quality and innovation of the technology we have at our disposal as Recruiters is impressive, so we need to ensure we maximise its’ potential by having our minimum standards of workflows in place.

These workflows need to be well communicated to all as a team and be covered thoroughly within the induction and subsequent training programs.

Reviewing your workflows quarterly, with input from across the whole team, will provide a dynamic and agile process that’s in tune with the market whilst maintaining your core strengths and deliverables.

Have you had some hard lessons learned ‘for the want of a nail’?

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