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In the final years of school, during your tertiary education, or in the early stages of your ‘working life’, when did you ‘invest’ time in research and deliberation, based upon your personality and key strengths, to plan your career?

I certainly didn’t consider Recruitment as a career whilst at Uni or post when I came to the UK.

Some industry sectors and roles have a higher profile than others, but are these roles well suited to those within them?

“We work with a charity that has done research around this, and 11-to 14-year-olds can only name an average of 10 jobs, and they have never even heard of procurement or supply chain,” says Neil Clark of the CIPS.

Particularly after the impact of COVID, there is rightly an increasing trend for quality of work-life balance and mental well being to be key factors in role and career selection and also mid-career direction.

The Recruitment sector can play an invaluable role, especially when the guidance is delivered by sector specialists proven within their field.

How planned is your career and where do you go for advice?

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