In their article this week, TALiNT International highlight the results of research carried out by Santander UK.

“In the survey of more than 1,700 senior decision-makers in businesses with fewer than 50 employees, more than half (51%) believe the ability to adapt and embrace change is the most important quality of future employees”.

You can assume that these qualities are what business owners are looking for from their current staff as well.

Is it realistic to expect or desire this ‘mindset’ without investing in your people, so they can embrace and champion this ‘skill’?

The article also states “Research by SDWorx reveals 35% of employees feel they are unable to develop new skills, while almost three quarters of employees (72%) are constantly trying to obtain further training”.

The link between investment in training and increased productivity can be clearly measured, particularly within Bespoke Training programs and that includes developing abilities in Innovating and Adapting to Change.

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