Those are the words forthrightly delivered by Shane Warne in the documentary of his life and sporting career on Amazon Prime entitled ‘Shane’.

What an inspirational documentary and whilst he was the first to confirm he was no saint, we all have our faults and demons to overcome.

There are rightly the comparisons with sport and business and for me, especially the comparisons apply to sales and recruitment in particular.

Again, for me, this is one of the most relevant and of ongoing importance as a recruiter, manager or director, that “it’s not luck, it’s attitude”!

How many times have you heard a fellow recruiter, one of your team or maybe even yourself say “it was just bad luck that this placement didn’t complete”.

Gary Player’s famous and universally applicable quote of “The harder I practice, the luckier I get” says it all.

As part of my work with my clients and their experienced billers in increasing their revenues and conversion rates, we focus on them improving their management and thus increasing their conversion of their pipeline.

This is not just about working harder, but also smarter in prioritising opportunities and being honest with yourself in qualifying where you are with each role, in delivering to the client and candidate (retained or contingent).

Asking yourself those difficult but necessary questions and then actioning what you need to, in order to prioritise the agreement required within the timetable.

This will ‘increase’ your probability of closing and thus your success will have nothing to do with luck.

There is no question that the passing of Shane Warne (not just to cricket fans) is a great loss, but he has left an enormous legacy as an example of what we can each achieve with the right “attitude”.

Who would you highlight as a source of your inspiration?

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