Why should you consider working Exclusively with a Recruiter, especially in this active market?

For Recruiters, it’s important to identify high calibre candidates and to prioritise their engagement with this top talent to agree a proactive plan of activity, aligned with each candidate’s needs.

They’ll prioritise those with whom they’ve agreed a plan on an Exclusive basis.

From a Candidate perspective, when should you agree a plan of action with a recruiter on an Exclusive basis?

Particularly in a market in which opportunities are more abundant, it’s a distinct advantage to collaborate with a specialist professional for you to prioritise the better opportunities for you.

How should you choose who to work with?

1. Ensure they’re a specialist in your field.
2. Agree with them your prioritised needs as realistic and achievable.
3. Confirm the list of companies matching your plan, with whom they’ll engage exclusively on your behalf. Their exclusivity, is for these specific companies.
4. Confirm a contact schedule to discuss activity.

Recruiters will allocate their time to work with those Candidates who they feel are the best matches for their clients and with whom they have established a working relationship; so look to put yourself in this frame with your target Recruiters.

If you want the best career options, it’s worth thinking about.

As a Recruiter, what’s your Top-Tier Candidate strategy?

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