There’s much that has been written about Leading and Managing remotely during these difficult times.

The key to success is in engaging with each member of your team in your virtual meetings and in reviewing your agreed activities and objectives within clearly defined structures to provide the much needed follow-up and support.

There’s no question that the differences from face-to-face meetings are significant, but as important to note is the potential that they may accentuate minor flaws in process and technique that were in place prior to ‘remote’ leadership and management.

As Kate Cooper highlights in this recent article (link below), “This responsibility for relationships exists whether people are sitting at the next desk or in their home office. Great leadership is being able to relate to your colleagues wherever they are.”

So, before we return to working more together and again be managing and leading our teams face-to-face, now is the time to ensure that we register what we’ve learned from remote management.

We have the potential to improve our management skillset.

Have you changed your management style?

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