BBC News/Working From Home

There are considerably mixed responses to the latest Government ‘recommendations’ where Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Go to work if you must, but work from home if you can.”

In a recent article the BBC confirmed that “Just under 36% of workers in Britain did some work from home in 2020, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
In the last week of November, seven in 10 travelled to work at least once.
In the same week, one in seven said they had been working at home and travelling to work.”

It would appear therefore that there is a desire or drive to work with our colleagues within the office, at least for a part of our working week.

The BBC also highlighted that “There are also concerns about the mental health impact of working from home.
“I think it’s detrimental, because there’s that social aspect of going to work and seeing your work friends and going for a drink afterwards,” one worker told the Today programme.”

One key requirement that is constant, is the need for managers to be engaged and supporting their teams in delivery of their required duties. This becomes increasingly more complicated with the ever-changing structures within which they’re required to manage.

There is no question also that this co-ordination is a joint responsibility, where we all need to be active in our communication with our colleagues.

Not just for business efficiencies, but our mental wellbeing as well.

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