In my opinion, Sales KPI’s are activities whilst Milestones are the results that come from them.

KPI’s include engaging with clients and candidates by phone, email, social media and meetings (even virtually) and are how we build mutually beneficial business relationships.

Key weekly ‘milestones’ include building a quality candidate portfolio through referrals and client mapping, qualifying clients who’ll benefit from our expertise, delivering candidate shortlists and interviews attended. These are results from the KPI’s above.

Recruiter’s styles of delivery differ greatly, as widely as do their personalities and experience, so their conversion rates of KPI’s into Milestones varies widely. Thus managing them should be varied and targeted to each accordingly.

By way of self-management, Recruiters will track their daily and weekly KPI’s within their quarterly plans and will focus on their conversion to these key ‘milestones’ as the building blocks for their desk and revenue pipeline.

The best support for Recruiters and Sales People is to develop them in delivering these Milestones and less on minimum KPI’s.

How much time do you allocate to managing KPI’s versus the Milestones?

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