Johnny Wilkinson is often right, as he was in his ‘punditry’ prior to the recent England vs France Six Nations game, when he stated “Structure breeds Creativity”.

He was referring to the French team’s need to install Forward’s structures to enable them to benefit from their famous Gallic ‘flair’. The same need, applies to business.

For your sales team to use their ‘flair’, they need well defined and communicated structures in place. This gives them the ‘head room’ to apply their own style and personality to achieve agreed objectives.

Knowing which Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are specific to your business is essential for your success, but so too is for your team to understand and use them to achieve the Milestones within your sales process. In Recruitment, these Milestones include Interviews and Temp / Interim Starters. These must be achieved to close deals, but success can be achieved through varied levels of KPI’s dependant upon the member of the team. For every business, knowing and monitoring your Milestones is critical to your success and growth, whilst recognising the differences within your team, is also.

Where each of your Sales team has the opportunity to achieve their objectives within their own agreed criteria, based upon their experience and personality, they’re then empowered to utilise their own and varied skill-set, with the increased opportunity to achieve their potential.

A key part of your Sales Strategy therefore, is whilst ensuring that your structures are right for your business, clients and market place, is also to ensure that they are tailored to each of your team. To enable this, I recommend you:

· Ensure your existing KPI’s will achieve the milestones specific your market to win and close deals.

· Discuss and agree the KPI’s and milestones with your team, so they understand and own them and then confirm how they’ll use them.

· Have each of your sales team produce their own quarterly plans to detail their ownership and strategy of how they’ll exceed their targets.

With these structures in place, not only will you soon see the #creativity of your team flourish along with the increase in revenue, but also you’ll retain more talent.

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