Your experienced billers are the ‘engine room’ of your Recruitment business.

They are where you can achieve significant ROI from bespoke team and senior 1-2-1 training, targeted at delivering solutions and ‘work-arounds’ specific to your business within this dynamic market.

Your L&D program should be agile and interactive, adding to the longer-term objectives, with focus on the current issues highlighted by your people and specific to your workflows.

Higher engagement = greater ROI.

Where the training is bespoke, you can set the important operational milestone targets to be achieved across the weeks following the training, that you know will maximise your ROI.

The ROI will be increased where the training is a mixture of Inductive and Deductive learning where there are interactive sessions to discuss innovative solutions in techniques and processes, which are then applied directly with clients and candidates. The workshops that follow each of these sessions will provide further solutions and clarity to the issues previously experienced.

With the technology available, I’ve had success in delivering these solutions in the office and virtually.

How agile is your L&D program?

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