Perhaps a timely discussion, not because of Halloween, but because of the extreme uncertainty that we face in our daily business and working lives.

The list of contributors to this seemingly overwhelming volume of issues continues to grow, with little sign of respite or resolve, from war, rising costs at every turn and the lack of clear government direction and predictability.

It’s natural then, to take a ‘fortress’ mentality and ‘bunker down’ to survive. Whether you’re a business owner or are employed, you probably recognise however, that a proactive growth mentality is an important part of the journey to success.

As Winston Churchill advised “If you’re going through hell, keep going”.

For business owners with the rising costs and ‘war for talent’, our focus on growth ,not just survival, needs to include retaining our key people.

If we provide the structures and support for clear direction, review and development to agreed objectives and career progression, we’re in a stronger position to develop and therefore retain our talent.

With this comes growth through engaged and impressive delivery across our business.

There’s no question that making the time to agree, plan and deliver these structures and support, takes of this your valuable resource – time. But what an investment!

You don’t want your people to be comparing ‘Devils’, so try not to be ‘the Devil your people know’. Easy to say, not quite so easy to deliver.

How well engaged is your talent?

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