In my previous post, I highlighted the importance of ‘Why’ as the 1st of the 3 key steps within our sales / consulting process.

In my opinion, the 3 fundamental steps in our engagement with any person within recruitment or consultancy are:
1. Identify and prioritise their ‘needs’, not just their ‘wants’ by asking why.
2. Match your tailored solutions to these needs.
3. Close – a specific and agreed action of next steps to a timescale.

I believe our understanding the ‘why’ (normally multiples) that drives our clients’ and candidates’ needs, is the very basis and starting point for our engagement with them.

We’re then in a far better position to deliver our ‘How’! The how we do what we do that delivers our added value to our candidates and clients and why they come back to us 1st when they’re looking for a new role or for new talent. That’s real partnerships.

Our understanding of the individual’s primary drivers enables us to consult with them to deliver the best tailored solutions available to them in the current market.

It’s not just our specialist skills and strong market knowledge that drives our consultative approach, but predominantly our focus on our ‘How’, in the way we deliver our services based upon our Vision, Mission and Values. These are our ‘Why’ we do what we do.

When this ‘Why’ is clear, shared and owned individually and across the business, then our candidates and clients are more likely to receive a consistent and high quality service, specific to their needs.

This is what differentiates us from our competitors and what builds strong and long-lasting relationships.

How clear are you on your ‘How’ and the ‘Why’ that drives it?

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