With over 30 years’ experience and success in building recruitment businesses and brands within the contingent, retained and search sectors delivering to global markets, I feel that there’s never been a better time to join the industry.

In working with my clients, we continue to have impressive success in attracting, selecting, inducting and developing new talent, but there’s no question that the overall level of the opportunities available within our industry are, in my opinion, far better than previous decades.

There has always been the opportunity for high earnings and career progression, but the key areas where our industry has improved significantly are:

· An overall higher standard and profile on investment in training, with more structured L&D programs.
· More focus on ‘potential’ and less on academic standards.
· Exciting and dynamic use and access to technology enabling faster and higher quality delivery to candidates and clients.
· Structured, yet more meritocratic and developed progression.
· Greater flexibility for work-life balance based upon performance.
· Higher levels of innovation in delivery with more varied roles matched to skillset, not purely the 360-role.

For our industry, like many others, there continues to be the enormous challenge to attract and retain high calibre talent. Whilst there’s more that we will continue to improve, I believe we’re a better option now than previously.

Are there any other areas where you feel our industry has progressed, or am I being overly optimistic?

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