Why compromise on the return on your investment?
  • An initial complimentary consultation conference call or meeting.
  • From this consultation we will provide the written Needs Analysis summary with an overview of recommended solutions – Also complimentary
  • Following agreement of the targeted objectives specific to your needs, we’ll agree the objectives and costs of the Consultancy program.
  • We’ll then agree a schedule of scoping meetings with key stakeholders and contacts at your offices. The aim of these meetings are to:

    – Agree the Key User Requirements (KUR’s) – detailed and targeted objectives
    – Confirm these objectives as critical targets to specific deadlines
    – Identify potential Risks – of inaction and in deployment
    – Define the Target market – the team(s) to be developed as initial roll out / or business wide
    – Management team allocation – participating individuals and their duties
    – Time scale – initiation, duration and measurement of primary factors
    – Flowcharting of current processes mapped to targeted change and additional processes
    – Identification of core competencies required to achieve critical targets
    – Current skills gap for management team and target team(s)

    This Scoping Analysis, will be invoiced at the agreed rates prior to delivery of the Consultancy documents, any training manual and the commencement of services, coaching and training program in line with the agreed Learning and Development Schedule.

  • Presentation of the bespoke Consultancy document at Board / senior management level to agree any amendments and delivery schedule.
Deductive and Inductive Learning

Our training provides accelerated learning by firstly engaging with your valued people through Deductive learning techniques developed over 25 years of proven success to address reservations and ensure ownership from those involved.

This ownership is then developed to Inductive training whereby the ‘Best Practice’ techniques you desire can be detailed and repeated ongoing as part of your organisations’ enhanced Learning and Development program.

Our success is based upon the immediate translation of your objectives directly within the roles and responsibilities of your teams within your offices.

Talent Development is required to achieve effective Business Change
roadmapSuccessful Business Change requires belief and engagement from the targeted personnel who are required to deliver the results of this investment. This is achieved by identifying and agreeing with them, the benefits to them of the changes to gain their ownership of the objectives.

The communication of this ownership and their shared determination for success is the essence of effective Talent Development leading to increased productivity and talent retention.