Apart from it being a physical impossibility, I’m selective about where I allocate my time, so I focus on where I’ll add the greatest value for joint success.

As our time is a finite resource, we should prioritise the clients we allocate our time to. These will be those we’ve qualified as where we can add real value and who’ve confirmed that they recognise the value of our skills and knowledgeable advice?

There’s no question that this recognition / respect must be earned through what we advise and deliver in a succinct and timely manner, our focus on prioritising our clients’ needs and thus in us delivering the best possible results to an agreed schedule.

In recruitment, these ‘results’ are the key and measurable ‘milestones’ within the recruitment process, from the macro level of strategic talent plans, down to delivering daily milestones of targeted shortlists for interview within the confirmed timetable.

The key is in deciding where we focus our time to qualify and to win these relationships, by providing specialist market content and updates through to details of top-tier candidates on whose behalf we’re working exclusively.

When we develop long-term relationships through consistently delivering quality, we can build a portfolio of clients to mutual benefit as a valued provider.

The tough decisions are not usually which prospects to focus on, but more the determination and our support structures enabling us to allocate the core time and to stay focussed on achieving the milestones required in winning and retaining the ‘better’ clients.

Remember, it’s your call!

How do you choose which prospects to focus on?

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