With reduced revenue and staff working remotely (Part-Time or fully), you may need to reconsider your performance review processes and manage your L&D programme differently.

Investing in your team’s skills and mindset may prove crucial. There are exciting prospects in this dynamic market, but only for those who are well prepared, both in honed skills and in attitude.

4 factors to include in your review structures and processes that will support you to maximise the return on your ongoing investment.

· Right Mindset

Engagement by your staff begins when they understand and ‘own’ the changes needed on how they deliver their activities and core skills in a tighter market. This ownership is gained through bespoke and interactive training and the confirmation of the short- and long-term benefits to them.

· Measuring success

Managing your staff’s expectations and needs can best be achieved by your focus on them achieving the Milestones that produce revenue, rather than on KPI’s, whether they’re working remotely or in the office. Training will again support them in understanding the key results that deliver revenue (leads generated and followed, Roles sourced etc). Your timely reviews will provide them ‘Headroom’ with guidance.

· Dynamic Leadership

By changing your structures and processes you’re making significant statements about the quality and flexibility of your management, increasing your staff’s confidence and focus.

· Share the Rewards

Given the market, you may need to provide temporary changes to your Commission and Incentive schemes, whilst reconfirming each individual’s career objectives and milestones.

Invest now as change means opportunity.

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