Previously I’ve detailed how to define ‘who’ to attract and also how best to promote your business to source the ‘right’ talent.

Here’s how to ensure that your recruitment process will highlight the strengths of your business and win you this talent .

Your selection processes are more efficient when they’re designed specifically for the level of intake you’re targeting.

At whatever level, there are some fundamental ingredients that you’ll benefit from including, whether virtual or in person.

At the heart of your processes you’ll assess core competencies, match cultural and diversity drivers, identify their potential and give the interviewee the opportunity to express their passion and determination.

Keep the number of stages to a minimum by being clear on your objectives for each and remember that the selection process goes 2 ways.

Assessment Centres for Trainee roles, enable you to engage with, review and promote your culture and KSP’s to a larger target audience and then make qualitative decisions.

For experienced hires, involve those you’ve already developed internally, to show your culture and the development structures in place.

How effective a bridge is your selection process?

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