There is no question that in these difficult times, tight financial management is as crucial as are dynamic and innovative sales activities.

So, you’ve renegotiated your business costs and agreed a workable payment schedule where possible, you’ve engaged with your bank to access the current financing options and utilised the government support available.

Also and importantly you’ve retained as much of your talent as you can and have your strategy in place for their return from Furlough.

These results alone, are fantastic achievements! Take time to reflect and recognise your successes!

Whilst time consuming as these priorities are, the pressing requirement is that your people are achieving the key milestones that generate revenue and are thus building their sales pipelines.

So they benefit from your Leadership, continue to invest your time in brief structured weekly / fortnightly reviews to provide support, direction and agreement on what they’ll achieve in the week ahead. You should also find out from them, the additional skills training that you both agree, will maximise their performance and results. These meetings are particularly beneficial if they’re framed within the individual’s quarterly business plan and PDP.

Whilst taking on additional costs through investing in external input to augment your and your management team’s leadership practices and to uplift your people’s skills, specific to the current market, can be a tough call, the ROI of this expenditure can prove crucial in the short, medium and long-term.

Having a clearly defined quarterly business plan which includes your quarterly Cashflow Forecast, will provide you the structure to seek advice and measure its’ performance.

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