With about 12 working weeks (remote or in the office) before Christmas, our focus may understandably be on sourcing new business. How much of our recruiters’ time is allocated to this objective?

How much time and money (within a potentially limited budget) is being spent on ensuring our recruiters have the right mindset and dynamic techniques for this task in a fluid and uncertain market?

We all know the importance of a ‘winning mindset’ to us as recruiters. As Sports Psychologist, Dr. W. Stanley Beecham detailed on Forbes.com, “We know that it’s the mental game that counts, whether it’s sports or business”.

The ROI in L&D is amplified in more difficult markets; therefore, it’s good business to allocate the time and budget to hone the skills and mindset of your recruiters.

Our Training shouldn’t just be ‘Refresher’ courses; but bespoke interactive workshops, delivering solutions as changes to processes and techniques, that enable better engagement with clients and higher calibre candidates, so we can forge stronger relationships and deliver innovative recruitment solutions.

How interactive and dynamic is your L&D program in laying the foundations for 2021?


Photo courtesy of Forbes.com

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