I highlighted in a recent post, the importance of meeting (over a working lunch or video) our existing clients in Q4, particularly larger key accounts, to assist in their recruitment planning and decision making across Q4 and to the end of Q1 2021. This is particularly beneficial to them, given the ever-changing environment and includes the potential impact of Brexit specific to their sector and that of IR35 by Q2 2021.

What about our prospect clients with whom we currently do NOT have a relationship? Why would they take our call, let alone agree to meet?

It’s not intended as a stupid question; but needed, given that a good chunk of BD time is probably currently spent seeking new clients, possibly also in new markets.

It’s worth asking to ensure that we are demonstrating we’re Subject Matter Experts (SMEx) in our sector and defined market. This begins from our Website, LinkedIn company page and profiles, to our posts, emails and calls. It includes presenting the best candidates exclusively to agreed clients in our defined market.

Developing credible and lasting relationships with Clients and Candidates is at the heart of what we do!

How defined is your message as an SMEx in all that you do?


Photo courtesy of Antonio Janeski on Unsplash

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