Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s famous quote resonates with more importance in these days of continuous change, to ensure we can maximise our potential for success.

With less than 12 working weeks before Christmas, our focus is logically on exceeding (or given the past year, just reaching) the annual targets we set for ourselves and the business in Q4 2020.

This push to close the year strongly could have us overly focussed on the short-term need for revenue.

Whilst engaging with our clients (in particular our key client contacts), we need to agree how they’re closing off the year and importantly what are their recruitment plans for Q1 2022.

As we know, if you or your clients are looking to recruit for Q1, you need to be active in sourcing now, for any possibility of a January or February start. There are also measurable benefits in securing those new hires before the year-end, to accelerate their input for 2022.

If not already done, now is also the time to finalise the target structures, markets and therefore budgets for 2022. These plans will include the attraction and structured development of your key Talent resources around which you can build teams.

Quarterly Plans enable our teams to remain agile and pivot when changes to the market arise and for us to better measure and manage our success to quarterly objectives.

Does your Q4 Plan have you focussed on maximising your potential for a strong start in 2022?

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