Digital Transformation’s Red Headed Stepchild: Customer Engagement

The Fintech Times highlights that “according to Gartner’s 2021 ‘View from the Board of Directors survey’, board members rate enhanced customer engagement as the top outcome expected from digital business investments.”

They advise however “that IDC analysis estimated that 70% of Digital Transformation initiatives do not achieve their desired business outcomes”

“The problem is that the methods and tools we use to engage with customers today are not intended to build trust, which makes them less and less effective at driving business outcomes”

The article confirms that “back in the day we earned customer trust through one-on-one engagement.”

I believe this reconfirms the view that business / client relationships are built on trust and that trust is earned by interacting directly with our clients one-to-one.

That means by phone, VC and importantly face-to-face.

Surely that’s the most enjoyable as well as the most effective way to build long-term ‘partnerships’?

Where do you spend most of your time engaging with your clients?

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