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It is a constant balance in delivering within any business of whether to take on ‘permanent’ hires or to source temporary or project based contract talent.

How much also of the annual ‘Talent’ budget should be allocated to current Talent for investment in L&D to increase retention and productivity?

In their recent article, Recruitment News UK highlights the benefits to UK businesses from a targeted and longer-term approach of engaging ‘external workforce” in the form of temporary / contract specialists.

“It’s crucial for businesses to take a more strategic approach by working with workforce vendors to best select and procure suitable talent.”

Recruitment specialists are able to provide the technical and current market analysis for sourcing the best ‘external’ talent available, whether on a project basis or to be added onto the payroll headcount.

They highlight also the importance of maintaining investment in current ‘internal’ talent.

“Investing in upskilling can produce greater results and prevent organizations from having to acquire new employees. Not only will this cut back on costs in the longer term, but it will also ensure current workers are more valuable and motivated to take on new projects and improve throughout the trajectory of their careers.”

Of course Brexit and the Pandemic have added to the ‘shortage’ of available Talent required to fuel UK businesses’ ability to service a growing market.

There are no quick and easy solutions, which highlights the need for specialist advice.

Have you found a reliable provider for your ‘external’ workforce?

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