Cameron Green’s Century

This may have been originally an Aussie expression, but is definitely a global and growing practice to focus us on in achieving our potential.

This practice is regularly evidenced in sport, including this week in the 1st Test between New Zealand and Australia, where Cameron Green of Australia, had to back himself and deliver his core skills in difficult circumstances, to rescue his team and achieve the much-needed win.

Whilst it is clear for all to see the actions and results of ‘backing yourself’ within sport, but what is not obvious is the time and commitment, spent in honing and practising the core skills and the planning required to enable the fulfilment of those skills.

As the Roman Philosopher Seneca confirmed, “Luck is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”.

The same applies to us in business, particularly as recruiters for us to ensure that we allocate time and commitment to practice and develop our core skills, as well as our subject matter expertise, so that aligned with a plan, we can deliver the best and maximised results.

So how can you apply this practice?

1. Refocus on your core skills that enable you to deliver added value in Talent solutions as a Subject Matter Expert to your clients and candidates.
2. Confirm the measurables milestones of you delivering the optimum level of these solutions. What does good look like?
3. Within your 90-day plan, every day, target how you’ll hone your core skills against these measurable targets. Practice makes perfect and so, make your own luck.
4. When times are tough and you feel deflated, re-energise and focus on implementing the 3 steps above. ‘Back yourself’.

Whilst we can’t all be sports heroes, we can certainly take from their example in how they worked to give themselves the best chance to deliver their talents, especially when it really counts.

What structures do you have in place to be well prepared to back yourself?

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