Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s famous quote remains true today as it was in the 1940’s, particularly at the start of the new calendar year of 2024.

So as recruiters, what should be our focus in this busy and critical period to start the year strongly and as importantly, to build momentum and lay the foundations for the full year of 2024.

Our budgets are set for 2024 or for the 1st half thereof, and so too, will be our clients’ budgets and objectives.

It’s now, that we should be having consultative discussions with them on how we can assist in acquiring the best available Talent solutions for them to achieve their objectives and to provide innovative solutions for what is the inevitable melee in January /February each year.

These meetings should include the agreement with our clients of a 90-day plan. To maximise the joint potential for success, we need a plan, not 12% of one and certainly more than just a ‘Concept’!

Effective partnerships are based on mutual benefit from agreed delivery to a timeline and these plans will detail and assist in delivering what’s been agreed.

Likewise we should have our internal 90-day / quarterly plans to be benchmarking our actual versus planned performance and objectives.

These plans enable our teams to remain agile and pivot when changes to the market arise and for us to better measure and manage our success to quarterly objectives.

These quarterly objectives are aligned with our run-rate to achieve our optimum annual goals and targets.

Our plans will also include the attraction and structured development of our key internal Talent, around which we can build our teams. Thus assisting us to retain our key people to their and our benefit.

Have you had success from your 90-day plans or is it more of a concept?

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