Deductive Training or ‘Top Down Approach’ is the standard style where the trainer explains the techniques and processes for the delegates to ‘learn’.

Inductive Training, also referred to as the ‘Bottom Up Approach’, is where the delegates are ‘learning’ through practical live sessions engaging with Clients or Candidates to develop specific and targeted skills.

I apply a structured combination of the two approaches within each training ‘session’ which is profoundly effective for individualised and accelerated learning.

I have used this method to great success, particularly within Recruitment for experienced Consultants and within our Academy structures, as they apply dynamic techniques ‘learned’ and applied in their own ‘style’, to achieve agreed targeted objectives.

Bespoke training sessions target operational objectives defined by the board, then confirmed with the delegates at the outset to ensure they agree and thus own the benefits to them individually. Only then will they fully commit to the ‘change’ (incremental in some cases) that will enable them to achieve their potential in the short and long term.

How interactive is your training?

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