You may believe, that spending less on your L&D in tougher markets is effective, but like the photoshopped image, perception can be deceiving.

Whilst you may spend more of your currently limited L&D budget on Bespoke training programs, rather than ‘Off the Shelf” tools, you’ll achieve a greater return on your investment.

So, what process should you follow on your journey to greater returns?

It’s important to work with your external consultant to start your review process by identifying and prioritising the operational milestones to maximise returns. You’ll use these to measure the change needed and to define the core competencies that deliver these milestones.

When you measure your team’s current performance against the targeted milestones, you identify the skills gap upon which your bespoke training will be designed.

Each training session should focus specifically on a core competency and target agreed operational milestone objectives using a combination of Inductive and Deductive learning styles to a realistic timetable.

Ensure your management team know how to review and support the changes in process and techniques to drive success.

Which core competencies should you prioritise ?

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