Sky News article as Barry Humphries dies aged 89

These are the immortal words of the great and sadly late Barry Humphries, as part of his performance in the guise of his beloved character ‘Dame Edna’, many years ago in a renowned London theatre.

I was fortunate enough to attend this event. Thankfully though in the stalls and back behind Row 6, which will resonate with those who have been to one of his performances, especially if ever seated in Rows 1 to 6.

The fuller part of the script was delivered as he was addressing those in the audience who’d acquired the more budget-priced seats in the Upper Dress Circle, where he confirmed:

“Hello pauper Budgies, clinging to the ceiling. Be assured that I will give you the attention commensurate with the value of your ticket. Good-bye”

Perhaps a little harsh, but certainly in keeping with the razor wit associated with this and perhaps several of his characters.

I’ve used this ‘quote’ many times in my bespoke training programs with my clients to make the point that they need to allocate their valuable time as a recruitment specialist, with more focus on those clients who value the quality of what you deliver.

This value is then associated with more efficient time management and subsequently increased success in delivery.

I don’t mean that if you purchase an ‘Upper Dress Circle’ ticket that you don’t respect who you’re seeing, but Dame Edna did make the point with great humour, so it would be a shame not to run with the theme. If you’ll allow me the opportunity in his memory, I won’t waste it.

As the author Tene Edwards quoted, “you must find the courage to leave the table if respect is no longer being served”.

There is no question that we must justify and earn the respect and the recognition of the value we add to our clients as with our candidates.

Our focus must be on understanding their key requirements with the knowledge of ‘why’ they need what they want. We can then propose the tailored solutions that best match these needs, to deliver the best outcome and solution.

This is the case particularly for Contingent recruiters, but Retained recruiters also need to be aware and selective in what they commit to deliver and by when.

Rest in peace Barry (and all of your beloved characters). You’ll be much missed, but your ‘lessons’ and humour fortunately will live on for a very long time.

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