How can tech startups focus on sustainability as well as growth?

With the United Nations’ climate summit – COP26 in all the headlines, there’s never been a time when as wide a focus, quite rightly, is on sustainability.

In their article, UKTN (UK Tech News) highlights the impact this increasing focus is having on UK businesses move to sustainability and their decisions relating to their supply chain or carbon footprint.

“According to a recent study by the Institute of Customer Service, the vast majority of UK executives and managers believe that sustainability is either one of their company’s highest priorities (30%) or will become a leading priority (38%) in the next five years”

‘For instance, Gartner’s 2020 Future of Supply Chain Survey showed that 82% of companies intend to invest in ethical sourcing was because “it is the right thing to do”.’

They also confirm that “Research found that 60% of UK job hunters research a potential employer’s sustainability commitments before accepting a position, while 18% of workers overall and 34% of millennials would not work for a company they felt was harming the natural world”

It therefore highlights the need, not only to have an agreed policy in place within your business, but to be clear on how you publicise it, to ensure your ‘best-practice’ is clear to all, including potential new Talent.

How do you include your sustainability commitments in your recruitment process?

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