Given the UK Government’s Covid-19 roadmap and the Budget recently announced, the next 90 days ‘out of Lockdown’ may define your business’ success in 2021.

So, what must we as recruitment business owners target to achieve by the end of May 2021?

Regardless of sector specialism, there are challenging and exciting prospects for growth or survival, which highlight the need to prioritise activity.

Determine the key milestones of client and candidate engagement, revenue pipeline, market coverage and Talent. Where are you now and where can / must you be on a weekly basis, across the 13-week schedule in this 90-days?

Recognise what the objectives are, detailed to a timescale in relation to the market within the Covid-19 schedule, then you’re able to allocate responsibilities and identify the potential skills-gaps of you and your team.

Can these skills-gaps be resolved with internal management and mentoring or is now the time to invest in External input?

We’re working with our clients to maximise their potential over the next 90-days and beyond.

How well prepared are you?

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