Calls for government to commit to carbon capture technology

The UK Government details in their Policy Paper of 4/5/21 their view on ‘Geo-Engineering’:

‘Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) and Solar Radiation Management (SRM) are terms describing a range of technologies that aim to counteract human-caused climate change by deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems. They are sometimes referred to as ‘geo-engineering’ or ‘climate engineering’.

According to ‘New Civil Engineering’: ‘The UK government must commit to the wide-scale deployment of greenhouse gas removal technologies by 2030 in order to meet its climate change obligations, according to a report by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC).’

This will be a significant driver for additional staffing within the Geo-Engineering sector and for increased focus on delivering the required training and talent sourcing. Both from Government and Industry.

We need this drive to produce UK based talent, rather than the investment to flow out of the UK to overseas firms to deliver these services. This could benefit the UK as an export opportunity.

Is this a career option you’d consider?

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