In reviewing your structures and processes to attract, secure and develop the ‘best’ talent available in the market, there’s some key aspects I recommend you have in place.

The larger the talent pool available, the greater the benefit to being well prepared. Firstly ensure you’re clear on what you want – not just core skills and experience, but also the potential for innovation, development and change; cultural and diversity matches based on personal motivators and how much they want to join your team.

When you’re clear on what you want; now review what you’re ‘selling’ and thus why would the best talent join you?

It’s not just about the package; but ‘why you do, what you do’ to demonstrate your business culture. Also structured development programs (business and individual), personalised work patterns relating to performance and access to quality ‘tools’ and technology.

Now you’re clear on who you want and what you’re ‘selling’, the question is, are your processes and structures set-up to quickly source, attract and select this ‘desired’ talent and to support your image well?

How clear are you on the who, the what and the why?

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