Whilst investing in L&D for your established billing consultants as the engine room of the business provides significant ROI, the highest long-term value for investment is at the Executive and senior management level of any business.

An effective method to obtain critical advice is from 1-2-1 or Executive team coaching.

Alternatives to 1-2-1 coaching from external Advisors includes: training seminars, industry groups or self-help books which don’t provide effective assessment of current skills or behaviour nor the required individualised feedback within a confidential environment to resolve key pain points or issues.

The benefits include increased profitability, personal development and more effective management of your business to maximise the value of the business from accelerated growth through hitting targeted milestones in people, structure, process and markets.

The negatives can be cost, uncertainty of who and how to source this input and potential negative impact from poor advice.

3 R’s in sourcing advice – Research, Referrals and their Record of success in your field (have they done what you’re looking to do)

Have you invested in you and your Leadership team?

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