Too Many Mind – The Last Samurai 2003
Quotes and scenes from movies can be very useful for us as coaches in highlighting and delivering key learning focus for important learning points.

This quote from the 2003 film “The Last Samurai”, is definitely one of these.

In our busy and demanding roles as recruiters and business owners, our attention is constantly diverted to apparent important and urgent issues and also sometimes just distractions that we allow to take our focus from where and on what, it ‘should’ be.

The key is in identifying what ‘should’ be our primary and possibly urgent focus. Once you’ve confirmed this, then our attention should be on achieving the objectives that measure success.

The danger of multi-tasking is of actually not completing any of these ‘multiple tasks’ or at least not to the desired or required level.

Another common coaching expression is “being in the now”, where you’re focussed on achieving the objectives of the current meeting or call, and not distracted by thinking about the previous or next meeting or call, or the argument you had with someone earlier.

This conscious decision is one that therefore initially requires self-awareness to identify that you’ve lost focus, and then the self-discipline to re-focus.

There’s no question that some of the well-established and simple support structures can help us stay on focus and / or get back on track such as ‘To-Do Lists’ or using our Outlook Calendar to manage our day and our week, but one that will have the biggest impact is –

“Take 10 seconds before your call or meeting to reconfirm your key objectives (minimum and best case) and stay focussed on them.”

This will help you avoid ‘too many mind’!

If you’ve not seen the movie or have forgotten the scene, I recommend you visit the scene on YouTube. It’s well worth the watch as is the whole movie.

What techniques do you use to stay focussed on your objectives?

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