It’s undeniable that Lockdown has affected us all in different ways, and it’s only normal for us to feel uncertain about what the future holds as employees and also as business owners and managers.

Dr. Jo Yarker asks in her article, “Does anything need to change to help you do your job well?” and thus the key is preparation and discussion.

It’s likely that each individual’s feelings on their work place and how they’re managed may have changed whilst they’ve worked from home.

It’s even possible that their KPI’s have altered and the Milestones they need to achieve to succeed may now be different across the business.

As business owners and managers therefore it’s important to have a plan for your engagement, whether you have all or some of your people back already, or it’s some way off.

There’s no need for elaborate processes; merely the opportunity for people to speak in confidence and feel supported.

There may be some innovative and profitable ideas on alternative workflows that develop from these chats.

How have you and your management team structured your ‘Transition Back’ program?

Transitioning back to work after lockdown

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