I was back into London recently to meet with a client after partnering with TBOS in delivering our 1st webinar to their client community.

The 1st of many value-adds to follow was focussed on ‘Creating New Revenue Streams’!

In our webinar I detailed a roadmap based upon years of success in growing my and my clients recruitment businesses with an Agenda that covered:
* What are the most effective and competitive sources of new revenue to choose between.
* Where to start? – Firstly be clear on Why you’re seeking new streams and then prioritise which best suits.
* Who to involve? – Any new ‘venture’ must be driven Top-Down and be based around the best talent.
* Opportunity Costs – Be clear on what are the other options for these resources and how to mitigate your risks.
* Key Milestones – These aren’t KPI’s but the Milestones that are the key to building a business and revenue.
* 1st 90 Day Plan – Document your plan with weekly objectives and structured reviews.
* Be Bold – Be well prepared, dynamic (i.e. Agile) and very determined!

You need to commit to a project for at least 3 months, but by following my recommendations you’re more likely to succeed.

Thanks to all who ‘attended’ for your quality input and interaction.

I look forward to delivering more of these adding value to the TBOS client community.

Please contact me or GMA for more details..

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