Why as an Employer who recruits, should you engage with Recruitment Consultants in this market?

Why take a Recruitment Consultant’s call or respond to their emails, especially in this uncertain market?

I’m not suggesting that you take every Recruiters call or respond to every email, but there’s benefit in you being selective in doing so.

I recommend you allocate some time to establish relationships with those who prove they’re specialists within your market and who focus on listening to and delivering on your key requirements.

As across a number of sectors in the UK, you may not currently be recruiting for new talent and may not have any clarity on when you will; but, when the market improves; as we know it will, you’ll need to source the best talent available in the market and Recruiters have proven for decades to be the most effective method to do so.

Recruiters can give you market updates on the relevant Talent available to you now, or in the near future, from one brief call or email correspondence. These relationships may also serve you well should you be contemplating a move.

So, when a Recruiter ‘comes knocking’, there’s worth in considering the potential benefits.

Do you have Recruiters you work well with?

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