Or why we do what we do.

We’re nearing the mid-point of Q1 in 2022 and our focus is naturally into our business and on our jobs. Predominantly to source Talent for our clients as well as internally for our own team / business growth.

But how focussed are we on what motivates us and therefore what drives us to maximise our potential. These key motivators are our ‘Drivers’ and the ‘why’ we do of the ‘what’ we do.

Whether our ‘Drivers’ are broken down into 6 parts as Tony Robbins advises or 5 as in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the key for our own and our business’s benefit, is that we’re not just aware of them, but that we have the structures in place to support us in realising them.

When these structures are agreed and supported regularly within our business and by our Leadership team, then targeted objectives are more likely to be exceeded and real growth sustained.

These structures will logically be part of each of our L&D programs and within our personal business plans, so that we know what we need to achieve by when, what support we’ll get and what the benefits are to us and the business in achieving them.

With regular (I recommend monthly) reviews and updates, our motivation, focus and drive can be maintained and we’re then able to adjust any of our required activities to enable dynamic and agile delivery within a changing market.

How focussed are you on your ‘Drivers’ and those of your team and what structures do you have in place to support them? ?

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