We’ve previously provided some recommendations on how to ensure your Talent Attraction process and structures maximise your potential of sourcing high calibre and the best talent available for your business or team.

Now to cover some key requirements in you developing and thus retaining your targeted talent.

Ongoing investment through structured and personalised L&D programs to develop our people, is a key ingredient of a successful and growing business.

You’ll know that in growing your business you need to attract and then develop a ‘portfolio’ of talent from trainees to experienced recruiters and your future management team.

For trainees, this accelerated development can best be achieved within bespoke Recruitment Academies tailored specifically to your business sector, culture and processes.

Focus on the Candidate Cycle within the first 1 to 2 months, where your new talent will develop strong product knowledge within their target markets, learn the ‘sales process’ and how to manage the Candidate Cycle to your workflows, whilst establishing their individual style.

As you provide them with the right skills and direction, they can swiftly (in weeks) be adding value within the revenue pipeline as a resourcer.

When they have proven their ability to be managing the core requirements within the Candidate Cycle (by achieving weekly targeted milestones), you can then introduce training on the Client skills and duties across the next 1 to 2 months.

This will again be to measurable weekly milestone targets (still including sourcing candidates as well as new roles), for them to continue to build revenue pipeline, before adding on the Job Cycle across the final 1 to 2 months.

Their ‘Graduation’ from the Academy will be based upon them having achieved measurable quality and revenue objectives.

Using this structured and bespoke process internally, you’ll grow your new talent to your own ‘best-practice’ processes and quality of delivery with their own ‘consultative’ style.

You will also be able to incentivise your current experienced recruiters to achieve targeted objectives for them to mentor trainees and be involved in their development and so grow teams enabling you to develop and retain talent.

Bespoke Academies, tailored to your business, will enable you to accelerate your ‘organic’ growth and be a key and controllable part of your growth strategies.

How many of your top performers are from your Academy and are now developing others?

Or worse, what talent have you lost because you don’t have this as part of your L&D program?

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