As we prepare to enter Q4 of 2020, it’s important that we recognise the opportunities that come within these times of uncertainty.

With the PM’s announcement today regarding the increasing threat of Covid-19 and the potential of increased restrictions, it’s key we focus on where our opportunities are most likely to arise in our core and ‘aligned’ markets.

Your Q4 business plan should include your structures and process to direct and support your recruiters on where and how to target and maximise the opportunities.

Whilst the drive is to maximise the revenue for Q4 and the calendar year, you know the necessity also is to build pipeline and foundations for 2021 as part of your longer-term plan in building and maximising the value of your business.

Allocate time with each of your staff (best in your weekly 1-2-1 meets), to review successes and agree their objectives for the week within their agreed quarterly plan.

Meeting (face-to-face or via video) with Key Clients and where you’ve existing relationships, is still the best means to review your delivery across 2020 and to discuss your clients potential requirements into Q1 2021.

How confident are you of your Q4 plans?

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