3rd of 5 Tips for Recruiters seeking a new role (or to grow your desk, team or business)

Tip 3 – Network, Network, Network

Having defined your Proposition Statement and your LinkedIn profile that shows where and how you add value to your target market.

Now let’s focus on your marketing plan consisting of targeted activities.
– Identify target Recruitment contacts in your core and ‘Aligned’ sectors, those where you can apply your existing Product Knowledge to new roles.
– Allocate sessions across the week to InMail, send Connection requests and for your networking calls with realistic targets for each.
– Engage with candidates (where permitted) for current trends to highlight to potential employers. Also to develop your knowledge within aligned sectors.
· Remember your ‘Introduction / Elevator Pitch’ on any call or on an emails must confirm “who you are, what potential solution you’re bringing and thus why they should listen or read on”. This would normally be a high calibre candidate, now it’s you, but the same benefits apply.

Make it your job to manage your campaign with the objective to agree that first call or meeting with recruitment businesses.


Photo courtesy of Jordan Harrison on Unsplash

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