Are different Talent solutions needed for the UK Hospitality sector?

BBC News/UK Hospitality Sector
As the BBC reports “The UK’s hospitality industry is experiencing rising worker shortages, with job vacancies at their highest levels since records began.”

“Yet, since 2017, vacancies in the industry have been consistently at a staggering 90,000 or more.
So, although Covid and the effects of Brexit might be driving worker shortages in the short-term – are there other, longer-term issues affecting the industry?”

“Some in the sector say a major contributor to the staffing problem could be the hospitality industry itself – with its perceived culture of very long working-hours and low wages putting applicants off, and driving people away.”

“For Matt Shiells-Jones, a hotel manager in Manchester, the main problem with the hospitality sector in the UK is its culture, pay and zero-hours contracts, which are “absolutely endemic in the industry”, he says.”

Particularly in a competitive market, sourcing the best Talent will be a major challenge and so more innovative solutions including a focus on conscientious people with transferable skills is required.

Would you consider a move into the Hospitality sector and why?

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